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 Post subject: Looking to join
PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 6:10 am 
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Greetings friends,

Recently I've been feeling a bit uneasy about my current situation. It's been nineteen months since I graduated from the Republic Military School and I'm left wondering what I have accomplished.
Shortly after graduation, I went off adventuring on the lawless frontiers of the great empires. After a while I returned to the Minmatar Republic, doing freelance work for most of the corporations of the Republic. Since then I've encountered a great many Amarr operations within our borders; so many in fact, that I have grown tired of them. The Republic Fleet is unable or unwilling to act, so I've decided to take matters into my own hands. That is why I want to join your corporation: you are one the best - if not the best - groups fighting against slavery and for freedom,

If you allow me to join you, I'll be able to contribute in a variety of ways. Apart from being able to fly - and fit - a lot of ships, even from other races, I have some skill in research, production and marketing. I'm willing to help in whatever way necessary.
I hope to hear from you soon.


Estel Arador


A little about me:
- 24 year old, Western European (GMT+1)
- been playing Eve since May '06
- available mainly evenings, for a couple of hours; limited playtime on weekends
- no voice yet; I'm willing to get it if needed
And my character:
- 231 skills, 25M skill points
- Minmatar, Gallente, Caldari T1 ships (up to and including BS), T2 frigates
- Minmatar, Gallente T2 cruisers (HACs, Recons - on my way to Recon V)
- T2 Med Projectiles, T2 tanks (shield and armour), T2 light drones
- PE V, Scrapmetal Processing
- Decent research skills
- Some trade skills
I'm all over the place, but that's what I like, being able to do different things. I have no ambition at all in the direction of capital ships; even battleships are too cumbersome for my liking. At the moment I train mostly to improve my frigate/cruiser sized ships & fits.

Standings: excellent (if I may say so), check ingame for info. Perfect refining in most Minmatar stations.

Combat experience: limited, but willing (eager even) to learn.
I've been in a 0.0 corp for a couple of months at the start of my career, did some small gang warfare mainly as a tackler. Basicly I'm hoping to learn along the way; I've got more skills now and can fly a variety of ships and fit them in a variety of ways (as opposed to just a Rifter with a jammer -though that is fun at times too).

I talked to Jeats earlier, he asked to make a post here. I'd love to have a chat ingame if anything further needs to be discussed.




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