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Greetings my Brothers
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Author:  Voodoo Dog [ Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Greetings my Brothers

My name is Voodoo Dog,

I have come before you with the hope of being considered worthy of fighting amongst the finest Matari warriors bar none.

I am young but the fire burns deep through every fibre of my being, and will continue to do so until every last brother and sister is returned to the warmth and comfort that is the heart and hearth of freedom.

I will await in The Serpent Lounge and at your disposal.

Thank you for listening.

Aussie TZ
42 years old, married with children :lol:
Play most nights before and after DT.

EDIT: My apologies, I only just realized your recruitment status was Invite Only. Thank you all the same, I have started talks with The Littlest Hobos.

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