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 Post subject: My story of anger
PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:48 am 

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Surprised as you may be by a Caldari wanting to tell his story in a place like this, please read on and see for yourself why I have turned my back on my anchestors.

Three decades ago I was born as a slaver's son. For many years I enjoyed wealth, luxury and everything my chilren's heart could ever wish for. I enjoyed playing in the gigantic gardens at Amarr Prime where my parents had their villa and the trips in the shuttle to EFA. My father was a pilot for the Amarr Navy and upon the arrival of the first great war against the enslaved minmatar, he was deployed in systems far far away from our beloved home.

It was when the news of his death arrived when my life was completely shattered in one swoop. How could he, my hero, have died by the hands of these uncivilized monsters! I could never accept the empire's story. They told my family he was ambushed while on a recon mission in enemy territory. His body wasn't recovered.

For 10 years I lived thinking about him everyday, not believing my father was killed in an ambush untill some time ago a retired squadron mate of my father came by our house. He was in a very emotional state and claimed he knew the truth about my father's death. It was then when I knew my life would change. It turned out my father was tasked with hunting down and executing slaves who had escaped. When he refused to execute harmless women and children, he was brought to death himself. I cried... The empire lied to us! I couldn't understand.. Slaves.. escaping?? Do they do not choose for their easy lives themselves? Why would they kill slaves?

I started doing my research and after paying attention to many people, documents and all the good or not so good talk in local it became clear to me. The Amarr Empire and the Caldari with them are no more then a big propagande scheme designed to control their people and supress, capture or exterminate all who opposes them. I had been part of the machine all along. I truly believed it but now I had finally started to see the light. I was raging with anger but I couldn't act... I needed to take care of my mother and sister who I could not leave at the hands of the Amarrian beasts I came to call them by then.

During the recent siege of 9uy where we had moved to make a better living unfortunately all my family has died! I am all alone now. Everyone is gone and there is only one to blame: The Empire!! Even the siege was their fault, a mere consequence of their persistent arrogance. This is the time I want to make a difference. This is the moment I surrender my life to the cause. I will revenge my beloved ones and I want to start right here, right now! I beg you, take me into your midst and I will not disappoint.

I will fight till death do us part.

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