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 Post subject: A Solo Pilot Attempts Contact
PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:31 am 

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Rask goes back to his studies of survey and energy emissions with frustration. Even though he still has much to train and learn, he is anxious to enlist in a miltia wing of the Matari so that he can make a difference in the effort to free those Matari still in slavery.

Rask clenches is fist in frustration and tries to focus on his studies. So far he has made contact with two militias, and while thier responses were positive, the contact information they provided has in each case been fruitless. One, a corporation called T.R.I.A.D. provided a uniform resource locator that could not be found by his com unit, even after he had set it as a trusted site. The second suggested he open a channel to 'The Serpent Lounge'. He walks over to his com display and tries again. The name does not come up. There are several channels with 'serpent' but no 'serpent lounge'. He slams it with his fist, another setback!

He goes back to his eBook on salvage. Hopefully he will earn much more from his missions if he can salvage the wrecks that he leaves outgassing in space. He had better, this book cost him a million credits! His mind wanders to her. He can still see her face as he last saw her, slaving on an Ammari battleship. Rask looks at his notebook where he has sketched out his training to achieve his next goal, a Stabber. He loves his Rifter, but With a Stabber he would have a chance at vaccing her battleship.

Rask turns back to his studies with renewed vigor. He will free his people from slavery flying solo if he must. He will continue to leverage the support of his Gallenti corporation, which is so well organized. Perhaps the fabled Matari militias are spread so thinly amongst the stars they can no longer reach out to new capulers, or perhaps they are now merely legend...

Rask Skywalker
Captain of the Rarius
Matari Rifter

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 Post subject: Re: A Solo Pilot Attempts Contact
PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:18 pm 
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Amid his many battle scars, heavy lines of weariness beginning to form on Chelly's face. Immersed in his battle reports, Chell rubs at his tired eyes, scarred retinas from watching a small mobile warp disruptor have done nothing to improve his already unpredictable bad moods. Chell finishes off his reports and orders an ale from Seliah at the bar before setting off for his private quarters, but not before tipping a special caldari stripper generously.
Chell stumbles into his quarters to find his comms panel blinking readily. He peruses his latest mail through the bottom of his ale mug and judges the quality of young matari soldiers to be of a consistantly high calliber. (although somewhat illiterate).
Chell then falls into his pallet and is asleep before his head hits the pillow.



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