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Request for clearance
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Author:  Vaelastrasza [ Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:35 am ]
Post subject:  Request for clearance

Greetings, Neh'bu Kau Beh'hude.

I am Vael, of the Caldari Republic. While I represent no faction or power, I request that you hear my plea for assistance.

Around 11 months ago, I was flying the 9UYH-4 System, earning a living as pirate bounty hunter. I kept the system safe from dangerous criminals, so that my Alliance could mine asteroid belts in peace. However, I suffered a severe trauma after I was assaulted and my ship destroyed by a squadron of pirates who decloaked and attacked in the middle of an operation.

I was kept in crynogenic staisis for over 9 months, and finally was awakened when the station I was being kept at fell under attack.

I hurriedly found clothes amidst the confusion, and boarded a scout ship in order to search for a way to safely transport my belongings from the station under fire, to a place far away from the fight.

Unfortunately, however, I was caught in the crossfire; By the time my clone had activated, and I made the long journey to the station, it carried a new name: Unity Station.

My access code had been revoked, and as I looked out my viewport, across to the looming superstructure, I saw no hospitable beacon. Instead, my ship computer rung out, and I was alerted by a cool, feminine voice that I was being locked onto. I hit warp only a second before complete annihilation.

The request that I propose to you now, is one of desperation. Everything I own is in Unity station. I have no other means to go on by. I request temporary clearance to dock at your station, and to fly your space - unharmed.

Surely you understand my predicament, sons of slavery to the Ammarians. Surely you know the state of being unable to fight for ones' self - please, allow me to take what is mine, and I shall leave you in peace.


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